How do you adopt a child?

Dear Expecting Parents,

You have many decisions ahead of you and you want what is best for your future child, a child who is already so precious and truly a Blessing from God. Choosing the right Path makes a difference.

Rainbow of Love’s philosophy is Unique! We believe that the success of a child’s life is closely linked to the parents that raise him or her.

Hence, “Great Parents make a Great Life”!

So, we believe in quality and not quantity. It takes several months for our adoptive applicants to be approved for adoption. They must pass a rigorous home study and background check, be approved, and complete the required training. Rainbow of Love will help you make your adoption plan come true.

One of our Case Managers will make sure that you feel comfortable all along the way and help you to be well prepared financially and emotionally to be parents.

Domestic Infant Adoption Program

Our Domestic Infant Adoption Program places infants Nationwide. ROL is a Texas licensed social services agency, and we work with local families and families from out of state who have a completed, current and approved home study (with a licensed child placing agency) within their home state. With local families in Houston and its surrounding areas Rainbow of Love will facilitate your background checks and home study assessment.

We accept applicants for our Domestic Infant Adoption Program during the Spring and Fall months of each year. If applicants meet the criteria during the assessment they will be added to the client pool. 

We are committed to placing a child with every qualified parent in the most cost efficient way so you can spend more money on your new bundle of joy. When adopting from a birth mother, there are a few extra rules. If the birth mother of the child that has been put up for adoption changes her mind after the baby is born, Texas law allows her 48 hours to make her final decision. In this case any fees the adoptive parents have paid will be rolled over to their next match. Social Services will do everything we can to make sure the right child is placed with you. 

The average wait time to be matched can very from 2 weeks to 2 years after your home study. But it is important to not lose hope and be patient.

Domestic Preschool Program

It happens that some new born or Toddler (between 0 and 3 years old) are being placed for adoption.

These babies are our priority at Rainbow of Love because their birth parents too late – realize after the delivery – that they should have made an adoption plan during the pregnancy and they want a better future for the baby. 

For that, Rainbow of Love has a dedicated Adoption program that is called Domestic Preschool Program.

Our Domestic Preschool Program places these babies with loving adoptive families. In most cases, our social services will have updated medical and dental records for these young children. Before placement, Rainbow of Love will facilitate a preplacement period.

"Hard to Place" Program

This program helps to place infants between the age of newborn to 24 months old into domestic adoption.  The infants are considered “hard to place” because they fall in the category of having two or more of the following criteria: biological mother is a heavy drinker, or a heavy smoker, or used illegal drugs during pregnancy, or is terminally ill, or had no prenatal care during the pregnancy, family of origin has a history of mental illness, child is from a minority group.

Other Adoption Plans

An open adoption is a type of adoption in which the birth parents and the adoptive parent(s) have access to varying degrees of each other’s personal information and have an option of contact. It helps maintaining a significant ongoing contact after child placement services. Rainbow of Love has little involvement in this agreement.

A semi-open adoption is similar to an open adoption but the relationship does not include the sharing of identifying information and typically involves the agency as an intermediary for ongoing contact. After child placement services, many semi-open adoptions include mailing photos and letters between adoptive families and birth families, with a program we have called child connect Semi-open adoption is Rainbow of Love’s most successful type of adoption.

Also called “confidential” adoption -and sometimes “secret” adoption – Rainbow of Love makes the adoptive family and the birth parents / baby match. The match is based on desire wishes requested for both the adoptive family and the birth parents. Records of both parties are kept sealed.

You may want to visit the TARE Website where you can find the information you need to find to Adopt children that are 

Foster Care Adoption

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Unplanned Pregnancy

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